ȫ, KBS 󸶽 2022 ܸ [] 뺻
ۼ 2022-11-11

ȳϼ ŰͿθƮԴϴ.


ȫ KBS 󸶽 2022 ܸ [] 뺻 Ǿϴ.


KBS 󸶽 ȭ 2 ܸ 8, 10̸


ȭ 2 '͸'(,غ Ź) ': '( ȫ, غ ö)̸, ܸؿ ''(غ , ̹μ),

''(غ ȭ, ), ''(غ ȭ, ̴), 'ȩ ش޵'(غ , ), ' '(غ , ̹μ),

 'Ƽ '(غ , ), 'ƽ ƽó'(غ , ̴), ' ħ'(غ , ) 8 Ǿ ֽϴ.


10 濵Ǵ [] ߷ л Ƹ 鸮 ް ׸ ⸦ ׸ ̾߱Դϴ.


ɰ Ź帳ϴ.





Hello, we're Lucky Monster Entertainment.


Actor Hong Seo-hee's KBS drama special 2022 one-act play [Prism] script reading scene has been revealed.


KBS Drama Special, starting with the release of two movies this year, has eight one-act films, a total of 10


The two movies are "Gwimot" (directed by Tak Se-woong) and "Phone: Missing Memory" (directed by Hong Seok-gu, scripted by Jung Woo-chul),

"Sparkling" (played by Yeo Myung-jae, directed by Lee Min-soo), "Bang Jong-jong (played by Wi Jae-hwa, directed by Lee Dae-kyung),

"Seol-jin (played by Lee Jae-hyun, directed by Lee Soo-jin)", "Seol (season by Lee", "Seol-jin (played by Lee", "Seong-Jin-soo, did you know)


[Prism], which will air on the 10th, is a story about the beautifully shaken dreams, friendship, and love of students majoring in ballet.


Please show a lot of interest and love.


Thank you.